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Alan Wake-GOG Torrent [PORTABLE]

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Alan Wake-GOG Torrent

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The ScoresStory/Modes: IncredibleGraphics: IncredibleSound: GreatControl and Gameplay: ClassicReplayability: Very GoodBalance: GreatOriginality: EnjoyableAddictiveness: IncredibleAppeal Factor: ClassicMiscellaneous: AmazingFINAL SCORE: GREAT GAME

With all of that in mind, the controls can best be described as "Tony Hawk 2-Plus." Every trick chain can be extended with "manuals" (pop a skateboard "wheelie" while keeping your feet balanced) and "reverts" (land from a half-pipe with a slick rotation), while the biggest mechanic lifted from a later sequel is the wall plant, which lets you bounce off a wall with your foot instead of having a trick chain end with a wall collision. Otherwise, the mechanical system is mostly old school. Speed is managed with the same "special" meter from the first two games, while the "big drop" mechanic has been removed. That means you can survive crazy falls so long as your skateboard lines up with the ground. 350c69d7ab


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